Marvelous NFTs is pleased to announce a partnership with RedFOX Labs to launch an exclusive Special limited Edition BAD DAYS NFT KOG series.

Marvelous NFTs is pleased to announce Germaine Ifudu Co Founder — TLG Ventures has joined the Marveloud NFTs advisory Board.

TLG Ventures has helped numerous projects with effective go to market strategies. Some of these projects include, Ferrum Network, ICON, Origin Trail, Project Inverse and so on. Germaine Ifudu has over 10 years of Project Management experience in Banking, and Corporate Finance.

welcome to the team Germain

Marvelous NFTs is pleased to announce Harly Zappino has joined the MNFTs advisory Board. Harly Zappino is a Founder and Partner of Neo Legal specialising in Blockchain Technology, Crypto Currency, Corporate Advisory, and Financial Services. Welcome to the team Harly.

Harly’s understanding of the law surrounding Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is…

Marvelous NFTs is pleased to announce Ralph Kalsi CEO — Blockchain Australia has joined the MNFTs advisory Board,

Welcome to the team Ralph.

Ralph is a seasoned Entrepreneur and an early blockchain adopter having more than 15 years of experience in the corporate sector. Ralph has worked within large-scale tech…


Nathan is the Chief Program Officer at Sheesha Finance with over 15 years of experience as a leader in technology projects in finance. He has an MBA from IE Business School and is a Doctoral student majoring in Business Intelligence, Strategy and Innovation. He has worked on projects with…


Founded in 2020 Marvelous NFTs pty ltd is excited to announce their first play to earn blockchain game DAap ‘’BAD DAYS’’ MVP Released on the 13th October 2021.

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