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Marvelous NFTs is pleased to announce a partnership with RedFOX Labs to launch an exclusive Special limited Edition BAD DAYS NFT KOG series.

MarvelousNFTs and RFOX Games have partnered to create the BAD DAYS KOGS Special edition NFT series, launching on BSC and Featuring a cast of your favourite comic superhero characters from the Iconic Stan Lee cartoon animation series.
For holders/KOG set collectors MNFTs will look to implement special utilities and benefits via the Bad Days Game platform, such as added staking rewards and access to premium game features and prizes, as well as the unique utility and features offered by the KOG ecosystem. MNFTs look forward to working with the RedFOX team on future endeavours expanding the brand into the RedFOX blockchain Ecosystem.

Damian Rolvink, CEO MarvelousNFTs commented,

MarvelousNFTs is pleased to be working with RedFOX to showcase the BADDAYS limited edition KOGS superhero NFT collection. Our team has taken great pride in creating this collaboration series and believe humor is the best medicine particularly during these tough times.
Even Superheroes have BAD DAYS!!

Fadzly Yusof, GM of RFOX Games commented,

We are thrilled to work with MarvelousNFTs to present the BAD DAYS KOGS Special Edition. As a company made up of comic fans and gamers, STAN LEE has been a huge part of our lives with his creations and to be able to immortalize him and his characters has been a dream come true for us. The humorous poses and designs we have presented for this edition really shows that even our favorite superheroes can indeed have BAD DAYS.

Stay tuned for further announcements!!

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About MarvelousNFTs

Founded in 2020, MarvelousNFTs is a blockchain Digital assets and DApp development Company, Utilising Blockchain technology To Distribute Collectible digital and gaming assets. MarvelousNfts is Currently developing the BAD DAYS DApp gaming ecosystem and expanding the BAD DAYS brand into the digital world.

About RFOX Games

Founded in 2019, RFOX GAMES is a division of the blockchain venture builder, RedFOX Labs. It focuses on PLAY TO EARN to the mobile gaming space with the flagship product and top selling NFT — KOGS, updates the collectible milk cap concept of the 90’s and enhances it with the utility only blockchain can provide. RFOX Games was founded with the vision of creating an ecosystem of interoperable tournament based games that utilise emerging technologies.




Founded in 2020 Marvelous NFTs pty ltd is excited to announce their first play to earn blockchain game DAap ‘’BAD DAYS’’ MVP Released on the 13th October 2021.