2 min readNov 5, 2021

Marvelous NFTs is pleased to announce Harly Zappino has joined the MNFTs advisory Board. Harly Zappino is a Founder and Partner of Neo Legal specialising in Blockchain Technology, Crypto Currency, Corporate Advisory, and Financial Services. Welcome to the team Harly.

Harly’s understanding of the law surrounding Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is second to none in Australia and is highly comprehensive in relation to international crypto and blockchain laws.

As well as the law Harly is a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain consultant often advising on a client’s business model, their technology architecture, its implementation and execution.

Harly is a highly accomplished token economist that has established successful, complex and sustainable models for his clients, mathematically ensuring short term and long term sustainability.

A significant advantage Harly holds in the cryptocurrency space, particularly the legal department, is that he has hands on experience. He has developed products and their architecture, managed the operations, established marketing channels and implemented the relevant legal framework. This has allowed Harly to provide superior legal advice as he has the ability to question potential oversights a business has made on a legal level as well as an operational level.

By way of background Harly initially entered the cryptocurrency space in 2015 mining Bitcoin on his graphics card. He has since helped to establish multiple crypto currencies, Centralised Exchanges, Decentralized Exchanges, Non-Fungible Token Projects and other miscellaneous blockchain projects on both a national and global scale.

Harly also specialises in Corporate Law and Advisory. He has advised international and Australian companies on reverse takeovers, Initial Public Offerings, mergers and acquisitions.

Harly had lead and managed the first IPO in the world to accept Crypto Currency as consideration.


Founded in 2020 Marvelous NFTs pty ltd is excited to announce their first play to earn blockchain game DAap ‘’BAD DAYS’’ MVP Released on the 13th October 2021.