Marvelous NFTs is pleased to announce Nathan Cooper has joined the MNFTs advisory Board. Nathan brings to the team an extensive wealth of experience from the business and finance sectors.We are excited to be working with you!


Nathan is the Chief Program Officer at Sheesha Finance with over 15 years of experience as a leader in technology projects in finance. He has an MBA from IE Business School and is a Doctoral student majoring in Business Intelligence, Strategy and Innovation. He has worked on projects with a combined worth of over $500m physically across Europe, Middle East, Asia, US and Canada. After becoming frustrated by the inefficiencies in traditional finance, he developed a passion for blockchain technology and the limitless possibilities it has to enhance people’s lives. Nathan believes the amalgam of NFTs and gaming will provide the catalyst to mainstream adoption of decentralized finance. Nathan strives to create a world where everyone at every level can be part of DeFi in a frictionless, accessible and safe way and Sheesha Finance and Marvelous NFTs provides him the ideal canvas to bring his vision to life.

Welcome to the team Nathan.



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Founded in 2020 Marvelous NFTs pty ltd is excited to announce their first play to earn blockchain game DAap ‘’BAD DAYS’’ MVP Released on the 13th October 2021.